24th September 2019

3 Reasons Your Website is on Life Support

As you take a moment and step back, what is it that has you most concerned about your business?

For some business owners, their websites are a big red flag. Now, the question begs, what to do about them?

Having a solid website is critical in today’s digital age.

While some businesses find a means to get along without one, most know it is an integral part of their approach.

So, why is your website only getting by on life support now?

The Time for Help is Now

As you look to get your website back on track, here are three reasons it is currently on life support:

1. You do not know what you are doing – It may well be a case of you are not sure what to do with your website in the first place. That said do not sit idly by and do nothing. By getting professional help with your website, you are in a better situation. For example, is there little or no substantive content on your website? Are you failing to rank high on Google pages? Do you even know how to use the right keywords to bring traffic back to your website on a consistent basis? These and other issue can end up halting any progress you think you might have had on your site. With this in mind, reaching out to the top SEO agency in San Diego or elsewhere is worth your efforts. The right agency can help you with search engine optimization and much more. When SEO is part of your marketing efforts, you take a step in the right direction. As you increase efforts with SEO, link building, relevant content and more, you win. Remember, the bottom line is to be on the top one or two pages of Google. When you are ranking high, it means traffic is often coming your way. The key then is keeping that traffic coming back. 

2. You are too boring for most – Even if your traffic is half decent, it does not matter if most are only one-time visitors. You want consumers coming back to your site again and again. You also want them recommending your website to family and friends. With this in mind, it may be a situation where your website is boring to many visitors. This can happen for any number of reasons. One of the more common ones would be too much content and not enough imagery. If most of your site resembles a dictionary, how can you expect to get people coming to visit you time and time again? Liven up your site so it jumps out at visitors. When you have a good mix of content and images, you tend to get more consumers not only for the first time but returning.

3. You don’t promote your site – Finally, another nail in the coffin with your website is not spreading the word. Okay, a bad website is not something you want to brag about. That said get your site cleaned up and then promote the heck out of it. From your business cards to any company vehicle and more, let consumers know about your site. As more become aware of it, chances are they will tell others about you.

When your website is hanging by a thread, do a rescue mission.

Remember, a strong website can send more consumers and dollars your way.

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