7th January 2021

5 Web Design Trends That Will Take Over in 2021

Any forward-looking enterprise in New York City will be curious about what upcoming trends they can take advantage of to boost sales in the coming year. If you’re like most business owners who have endured 2020 ravaged by COVID-19, you will be keen to make up for lost ground.

Revamping your website is one of the ways you can woo buyers. Internet users prefer sites that are easy to navigate. Research indicates that web users are increasingly accessing websites from mobile devices. Google will even rank your site higher if it offers a mobile-friendly view. Take advantage of this and other website trends in 2021.

1. More Minimalism and Black and White

With so many things clamoring for their attention today, people have little time to dig around a cluttered website. Your site also needs to present information in a coherent, easy to understand manner on mobile devices. For some time, the minimalism trend has been with us, used to brilliant effect in some of today’s popular websites.

Such sites will have a single background color, a simple, well-composed, high-resolution image around which messages, captured in a few words, are strategically placed. While the minimalist typically features neutral colors, experiment with bolder colors in 2021. This is a stylistic choice several big brands have already employed. If your business website need to be redesigned to a minimalist design, hire a reputed Web Designer Swansea to start the work!

2. Advanced Animation

A page with either text or graphics in motion tends to be more captivating than a static page. For this reason, you will notice some websites with a video playing in the background when the home page loads. The videos will usually be high quality but light on bandwidth.

You may have also visited websites on which micro-animations run subtly in the background. Perhaps there was a jumping arrow guiding you on where to click to navigate to the next page. In 2021, consider using such animations to create organic movement on your webpages. The best-animated graphics resemble real-world objects in their appearance and action. 

3. 3D Web Content

3D modeling has become an essential aspect of web design, not just for the presentation of eye-catching graphics. It’s now also being used on a few websites to give visitors a real-life idea of how products appear. When your customers can visualize your products from all angles before receiving them, they will be more likely to purchase. 

Interactive 3D modeling takes 3D web content to the next level by allowing users to interact with animation. With this, users will get an accurate feel for how the product works, increasing conversion chances. 3D content has a higher chance of stimulating the parts of the brain connected with emotion, increasing the probability of a casual visit ending in a sale.

4. Dark Mode Design

When interacting with popular social media sites like YouTube, you may have noticed that you can have your interface in dark mode. Dark mode comes as the default mode in several mobile phones and applications.

It’s not by chance; there is a growing demand for dark mode by Internet users, especially when accessing sites and apps from mobile devices. This is because dark mode decreases the amount of battery power your phone consumes and reduces eye strain when navigating through content.

As you implement dark mode, try to ensure that it is not at your brand’s expense. Your signature colors and shapes should still be discernible clearly. It also shouldn’t hinder the functionalities visitors enjoyed previously on your site.

5. Conversation Design

Conversation design entails using different design disciplines, including visual design, interaction design, motor design, and more. This ensures a user’s interaction with the website is as intuitive as possible. By designing the interface using a closely related language to how human conversations are carried out, users of your website or app will need less time to learn how to navigate it.

Bite into The Big Apple in 2021

As the world continues to shake itself from COVID-19’s economic fallout, NYC city businesses can start 2021 by rethinking their website design. Position yourself to take advantage of this wave of optimism using the web development industry’s latest tips and tricks to spruce up your website. Click here to learn more about web design services in New York and how you can grow your reach online.

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