17th December 2020

Best Features Of PlayStation 5

2020 was the highly anticipated release of Sony’s next generation console in their rich history in the gaming scene; the PlayStation 5. Many gamers have had to wait seven years for the release of this console since the last release of the PlayStation 4 so the hype around this machine has been huge. Due to this, and now its finally on the market, we look at some of the best features of the new console.

[Image: Push Sqaure]

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First of all, the best feature by a country mile has to be the new controller which is marketed as the DualSense. This new controller is certainly a massive upgrade on the previous remote as it now delivers on the dual sense of the touch of the remote including feedback abilities like no other and a built-in speaker which gives great balanced sound. This remote feels like a premium bit of kit and once you hold it you just don’t want to put it down. One of our favourite features about the new consolers is the grip is actually made up of tiny PlayStation icons which is a great touch.

Our next favourite feature of the new console is that it gives you the ability to choose universal game presets for all your games, something that hasn’t been available before on consoles. This can start with the camera control schemes, what kind of graphics that you want and the difficulty that you want to play your game at. This ensures that when you first boot up your control to play that supports this feature, you won’t have to change the presets for each game as it will already have picked from your universal game presets – something we really like that Sony have done.

And finally, they’ve edited the PlayStation Profile so that you can now see your gaming profile much easier, how many trophies that you’ve earnt and also the final added feature this year is that you can see your gaming time on each game which is new! For some reason, this isn’t a feature that was available on the PS4 but Sony have listened to us gamers and have now delivered this for us.

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