10th September 2018

Every Richie Rich Needs an Irona

The staggering wealth of the boy billionaire Richie Rich is something everyone would want to have. Served money and good life on a silver platter, Rich has a maid- Irona. Fancying having a smart robotic assistant at home could be nothing more than a childhood dream for most of us. However, for some companies, it is the very reason for their existence.

The market for commercial robotics, especially those that can be used at home, is growing at a steady pace and the industry is responding to the demand equally quickly. Here are two of the most promising robots that could buy and fulfill your dream.

Aeolus Robot

The product which is gaining everyone’s attention is the Aeolus Robot. It is designed as a household robotic assistant that comes with one agile arm that could be used for maneuvering and moving household objects. The robot also responds to changing environments and adapts to circumstances. It is equipped with several smart features, including the ability to learn independently.

This robot recognized thousands of items, can pick them off the floor and even arrange them in their respective storage areas. It can even clean floors, using a dry mop or a vacuum. It can adapt according to the home’s layouts and routines of people around. This is not all, it comes with advanced biometric as well, so it can easily differentiate between different members of the household.

Stormtrooper Robot

The action figure-esque design of the Stormtrooper robot is enough to attract Star Wars fan to this unique robot. The aesthetics of the product are right on point. Using this robot in your home or even in your office gamifies your user experience. For instance, it comes with augmented reality support and a companion app. The mission is to protect the First Order against the Resistance. You can get first-person views and even issue direct verbal orders too. It comes with facial recognition technology, and voice command features too.

This is also where things get interesting with this robot. You can order your Stormtrooper to patrol a particular area of your home. Your phone or tablet is connected to WIFI. The 4-pound robot is 11 inches tall but packs in a great punch for the leaders of the First Order. It doesn’t do cleaning and organizing, but works on Sentry Patrolling mode, enough to protect you from intruders.

Lynx robot

Amazon’s Alexa is everywhere now but her primary home, Echo has mobility issues. You cannot carry her everywhere and enjoy the fruits of her wit and wisdom. In comes Lynx, the robot that brings Alexa to life. The smart home companion can update you on the weather, connect and control other smart devices in your home and comes with a companion app. It comes with an Avatar mode in which it will speak, hear and see for you when you are away from home. In surveillance mode, it can monitor any home or office with ease.

It could be interesting to bring one of these robots home and surprise your friends and family. After all, engaging with the latest technology, doesn’t always mean buying the latest smartphone.

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