1st April 2020

How To Become A Professional Gamer As A Career

There are loads of people out there that are making money by playing video games. Why aren’t you one? Yes, you can become a professional gamer and make a living at it.

It won’t be easy or simple, of course. Otherwise everybody would be doing it. Like anything in life, it takes dedication to get better and to follow through to finally one day become a pro gamer yourself.

It won’t happen overnight, so if you are ready to put the time and effort in, then this may be something that can happen for you too.

In this article, I will detail a roadmap for you to follow if you want to become a professional gamer.

Pick your game

You won’t be a professional gamer if you are a sort of jack of all games and master of none. You have to pick your game and then dedicate yourself to it.

Not only that, but you have to pick a game that will have a good chance of helping you go pro. An obscure game that not many people are interested in won’t get you far. Look at a game on war on pc v console like League of Legends and you’ll have an idea of just how big it is which then brings more possibilities of going pro.

Once you pick your game, you’ll have to practice it all the time. In the case of LoL, you may want to buy LoL Accounts that are already ranked so you can practice different strategies and tactics that won’t affect your main account. You can take lots of risks with a smurf account that you won’t be able to do without ruining your ranking of your main account.

When you’ve been practicing for a while, if you start to feel bored, then this may not be the right game for you. At this point it makes sense to then switch to another and see how that goes.

Choose your platform

There are two ways to go when it comes to gaming, the choices are pc vs console. If you want to have a greater chance at going pro then being a PC gamer opens up far more possibilities than consoles.

Many console games are single player shooter or fighting games. Whereas PC offers more team oriented play which offers more chances to become part of a team.

This is changing, of course, as console games are starting to branch out as well. As esports grow as an industry, console makers like Microsoft and Sony don’t want to lose out on the action.

Invest in the best hardware

You’re only as good as your tools and gaming is no exception. In a fast paced game with lots of action, any lagging can be the end of your dreams to be a pro. You’ll need to make sure that you have the best gear and accessories to be able to get the most out of the game.

PC gamers will need to have a good gaming PC with a fast processor and graphics card. Then add a gaming mouse that responds quickly and is comfortable to use. After all, you’re going to be playing for hours per day so it needs to fit your grip style.

Your monitor is also very important. Not only for the crisp, realistic graphics, but for the response time. It should have a 1 millisecond response time to make sure that what you are seeing is an accurate display so you can make the right moves. Any lagging here will ruin your game.

Learn from your competition

In addition to playing a lot and practicing, you need to also watch and learn. Pick a streamer that plays your game that is highly skilled. If you like his or her style then you should be able to learn some tactics that you wouldn’t normally think of on your own.

Watching tournaments is also a good way to learn how the game is played in that type of setting. Playing with a team in a competitive game is different than playing on your own. When you can see what to expect from this kind of play, then it gives you something to focus on in your own game.

Network with other gamers, especially ones that are better than you. Gamers love to help each other and you can find a mentor that will show you the ropes.

As you get better and have a larger network then people will come to you when there is an opportunity to join a team or to play together with some of the elites in the game.

It’s also a great way to stay motivated. Not only do you want to do your best to be the best you can for yourself, but when there are others that you respect watching you play, you want to make sure that you don’t disappoint them either.

Find some leagues

You don’t have to try to jump right into the thick of things and go for very competitive leagues. In fact, that’s the opposite of what you should do. Instead, find some lower level amateur leagues that you could get into.

This will give you a different perspective of how to play and will help you get ready for more competitive leagues later on.

Learn from your wins and losses alike and take those lessons to the next level. As you start seeing more wins, then try to find a higher level league and keep building from there. Just like in traditional sports, you don’t start out in the big leagues right away.


Dedication to a craft is very rewarding on many levels. If you apply that dedication to your gaming, then you could end up making a living at something you are very passionate about.

Not many people can say that they are living the dream, but if you play your cards right, you could be in the minority that can say that you are.

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