29th December 2020

Improving Security in Small Businesses

Small businesses might not have the resources they need to be able to achieve the same levels of physical and data security that a larger corporation might have. However, they still need to be able to deliver the right level of care so that their products and trade secrets are well-looked after. Here are some of the best ways to do so.

ID Cards

With a mid-size company, you reach the potential of not all the employees necessarily knowing everyone by sight. Introducing ID cards is an easy way to move around this issue, and allows for all employees to be able to identify colleagues quickly. It can also be used to mark visitors, so an employer is instantly able to recognise that a stranger in their department might be a visitor to the company.

It is easy to introduce an ID printer to a reception or front desk, to ensure that everyone passing through this welcome point is able to pick up a pass. These can also be used for access control, so employees and visitors will only be able to enter areas of the site that the card allows them to. This could be extremely beneficial when it comes to keeping them away from dangerous equipment.


Smaller businesses are a target for cyber criminals, as there is a good chance that their cybersecurity will not be as robust as that of a larger corporation. Coming under such an attack can be difficult to bounce back from too, so it is important that measures are taken to ensure that the business is properly protected.

A good cybersecurity system is a must on all computers within a company. It is also incredibly important that employees carry out their own basic checks to ensure the health of their computers. From practicing good password rules to running regular scans of the computer, there are many things a company can do to ensure that their computers are always protected.


Not every company will like the idea of installing CCTV on their property, but it could prove to be incredibly important when it comes to protecting the health of the business. It will help to monitor those that are coming and going, and could potentially help to identify perpetrators if there is an incident.

Make sure that you are aware of any blind spots on the CCTV, and make sure there is nothing important located there, such as a door. Remember that the cameras could also be used to protect your neighbours, particularly if they catch something happening down the street from you.

The security of a small business is just as important as that of a large corporation with branches all over the world. No matter what, a company owner needs to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to create a space that is safe and secure for their employees to work in. While that might require some drastic changes, it does mean that the company will be more secure overall.

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