25th April 2022

The Good and Bad for Unreal Engine 5

Perhaps one of the most exciting changes that will be seen in gaming over the next few months to years will be the growing use of Epic Games latest engine, Unreal Engine 5. The tech demos have outlined just how impressive this gaming tech is at a time where games are at a crossroads – from more simple looking casual games particularly on mobile with these casino non aams options being the most popular amongst a certain audience, to the hyper-realism and high fidelity offered from more direct gaming choices. With the huge positives, there are some negatives too, however, so what is the good and the bad for Unreal Engine 5?

Huge improvements to gaming fidelity – One of the most impressive changes that will come from the use of this new gaming engine will be within the graphics of the games that will be produced – tech demos and gameplay trailers have shown the high-resolution textures and the fantastic lighting efforts now on offer and it will shape the next generation of photo-realism within games combined with other technology including motion capture and hardware changes that will push the games further too.

Games are about to become much bigger in size – One of the downsides to all of these advancements, however, is within the almost certain huge increase in file sizes that will be seen as a result of these changes. The high poly textures won’t come cheap on the storage budget, and all of the additional dynamic effects will take up some additional capacity too – for most this won’t be an issue, but for those with limited storage or slower internet connections, expect a frustrating process as downloads will take longer and hard drives start to fill.

A further change to in-game cinematic experiences – In previous decades, in-game cinematics have often been added after the fact with different technologies or different engines for seemingly fully fledged animated scenes, but this has been changing recently with the in-game engine also producing the scripted cinematics – whilst adding these with this new engine will add some bulk, it could also mean some fantastic in-game cinematic experiences too. These have started to venture further away from just being a gaming experience and more akin to a fully fledged movie, so will be even better when the photo-realism starts to grow too.

The first games that will be developed on this platform have already been unveiled and it won’t be long before the games are on the market to be explored for the now growing gaming market, but it will be a few years before the full realization of what the platform can do is possible as next-gen gaming systems will slow gear up to harvest full performance.

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