About Mr Borletto

Hello humans! Welcome to Planet Borletto!

This is my blog and this is my life. I’ll try and explain it as best I can, but, well, we’ll see how that goes!

I’m a little bit weird, you’ll definitely learn that over the course of the next few paragraphs – but give me a break! I’m a geek who has spent most of his life in a small dark room with plenty of flashing lights and bright computer monitors – it takes its toll on a dude ya know!

So, here’s my back story, hold tight!

Early Life

I was born in the South of France to an Australian mother and a British father. I had to stay inside mostly though as the South of France is hot and sunny and I am pale and ginger. This ruled out a lot of normal boys activities like football and playing in the dirt, so I turned my attention to computers.

I found a certain satisfaction in taking apart electronics and trying to put them together and I rebuilt my first computer successfully when I was six! I know, very impressive.

I eventually moved to the UK, just in time for High School and just in time for the bullying to start! It wasn’t too bad, but it didn’t make my teenage years super enjoyable.

It’s all ok though because I skipped a year at school and was soon on my way to college and further education, got my degree in computer engineering and began a glittering career path!

Early Career

Ok, it wasn’t glittering right from the outset. I had to bust my ass working shitty roles for awful pay. But it got me the experience I needed.

It helped to have my degree, there weren’t as many terrible roles and each and every one taught me something useful and helped get me to where I am today.

There were roles as a support technician, a telephone consultant, an assistant, IT manager and they all led me to my current role.

Look Mom, I made it!

So these days, it’s a little better. I run a software development team for an agency and every day is just super exciting. There are no two days the same tanks to an ever-revolving¬†conveyor belt of clients from all different walks of life.

I manage the team and bring together front end and back end developers to create the perfect product for the client’s needs.

Borletto Web

And now, we get to my blog! I started this as a student to¬† document everything I was learning and to put some of my skills to the test. It’s had a couple of face lifts since then and I tend to archive a lot of my content.

I always want my blog to be constantly relevant so you’ll always only see the very best posts on here!

It’s a tech blog, so expect a lot of geeky talk about gadgets, software, computers and pretty much anything else you can imagine when you think of technology!