My Best Ever Tech Buys

When we talk about gadgets, the question of saving money is always pushed out of the window. It is a well-known fact that the best technological advancements come with a hefty price tag. Being a part of the well-renowned geek community, we don’t care much about the price either.

But, you must always make sure that you are getting value from the amount you have spent on gear. As there are hundreds of products launched every week that outcompete each other both technically and financially we often get confused on what to buy. However, when I’m sure what I want, I head to Only Reviews to compare brands. Being an avid tech guy and part of the industry for more than two decades I am pointing out the best tech buys I have made. For familiarity purposes, I have not included age-old gadgets that are not in use today.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

To start with, I must point out the name I am using right now.  This smartphone is on top of my list for a number of reasons from the write-home-to-mother feature to the low-light camera. The dual 12 MP camera has an astonishing f/1.5 aperture. Thus, the wide camera aperture allows the user to click outstanding low light images.  The infinity screen works wonders especially while using YouTube and apps like snapchat. Again, the AR feature is not overrated, as said by some, and easily gives a worthwhile experience.

Lowepro Urbex Backpack

This has been an important part of my arsenal since 2017. Yes, the perfect backpack exists and is perfectly designed for electronics. This gadget is a lot more than DSLR-cradling padded pockets with zippered pouches for laptops and tablets. It also provides a tiny gear bag inside which comes handy when carrying back up batteries, charging cables and numerous accessories. Moreover, all these things can be taken care of without actually opening the bag from the side.

PS4 Pro

There has to be a clear winner between Microsoft’s Xbox series and Sony’s PlayStation console, and for me, the latter has made it to the top. The console provides better hardware, better games, and a better online offering.

The PS4 platform already had a really great standing which was further updated by the latest Pro version that supports HDR and 4K technologies.  Again, Sony has also upgraded the processing speed which results in better frame rates that give it the best gaming look available in the industry.

Although there is a downside like relying on streaming for enjoying the 4K media yet the positives are enough for me to brag about this product.

Nebia shower

The product straight out of Silicon Valley is a lot more than a smart shower. It not only saves a lot of water but has changed the whole experience a shower was intended to provide. When you stand beneath Nebia, it feels like that you are right beside a huge waterfall bathing in its thick mist. For me, it is the perfect way to relinquish the stress that had been bothering me for the whole day.

But, you must ensure that your house is well powered, or you might feel that Nebia is not hot enough for a comforting shower. The product is best suited for modern apartments and those looking for a better experience while bathing is welcome to try this device.

Moov now

The fitness tracker might not have all the specifics necessary for direct competition with Fitbit, but with the low price and exceptional battery life, my vote goes to the new smartwatch. There is no GPS and not even a screen, but you are guaranteed a six-month battery life at a price which shames its competitors.

It allows you to track your sleep, steps, fitness, running performance and a lot more. The unconventional fitness tracker puts you outside the crowd of fanboys making you a person close t practicality.

These are the best gadgets I have bought in the last two years. There are numerous other products that I like, but these gadgets had the charm and popularity to become a member of this list. I advise you to buy some of them to experience a new age technology like me. It is worth to spend money on things that not only save your efforts and time but also improve your acquaintance.