My Predictions for Future Tech

Have you ever wondered where technology could take us 10, 20 or 50 years from now? Could there ever be a scenario when Spiderman villain Dr. Octopus comes to life? I am hopeful that technology could be the next step in human evolution, taking us to frontiers that were never possible before. Here are some of my predictions for the future of tech.

Everything connected to the internet

IoT will is one of the biggest revolutions in product design, helping each of the tech products we use to get connected to the internet and the cloud. From our computers to our food processors, anything that can be connected to the internet will be. We will be living in truly smart homes and working in smart offices.

Space tourism

Though space tourism will remain the luxury of a few for the next 50 years or so, I hope that it would definitely become more commonplace. We will have several companies fighting to bring more people to space and help them experience our solar system from a different and unique perspective. I also think that this will start a new space race, but this time between corporates.

Device implantation

The meaning of being a human could change completely. Device implantations in humans could change the way we learn, work and communicate. These implants could help us in being our most productive self. This could be the beginning of the human cyborg revolution that would help us in creating the next level of human evolution. Though I don’t believe that device implantation will only be about making us superhumans. I think device implantation will provide us a breakthrough in medical technology, helping us assess our health more closely.

Artificial Intelligence

This is a no-brainer. Artificial intelligence IS ‘THE’ next big thing in technology. Various tech giants are already working with artificial intelligence and helping it achieve new heights. With a few more years of work and more sophisticated machine learning technologies, we would see machines that could possibly match near-human levels of intelligence. It is likely that these new AI products will be connected to each other and will have their own language and groups which could be used to work together more efficiently than humans can.


Anyone who ignores the value of blockchain technology is ignoring the tremendous potential that our future could hold. Blockchains could be used to manage everything- from financial to non-financial transactions, communication, supply chains, and even e-commerce systems. Even if we ignore how blockchains could be used by regular people, we can bank upon the immense use cases that these distributed and decentralized ledgers could bring to the world. At the moment, blockchain is being used to simplify supply chains around the world. It is also being tagged to precious objects, limited edition watches, gold, and diamond supplies of the world to verify their authenticity and more.

Cryptocurrencies will take over

As blockchains will become more popular, cryptocurrencies will also find more acceptance around the world. Digital currencies are more transparent and work in decentralized ledgers of the blockchain that could help in creating worldwide financial systems that could be accessed by anyone. The good thing about cryptocurrencies is that they do not need the seal of approval from a central bank or a government to continue to survive. They can be used to make cross-border payments more easily and transform the way we manage our money. Not only this, cryptocurrencies will pave the way for the future of finance where people will have access to not one but multiple currencies. I don’t think that fiat will be gone forever. Instead, there could some state-sponsored cryptocurrencies as well as some new gateways to connect fiat and crypto.

Maybe free internet?

I have always wondered at the idea of free internet for all. The technologies that we want in the future are certainly those that will depend extensively on internet connectivity. If the service comes at a premium, then there will definitely be problems in exploring more growth. Therefore, there could be chances that the internet becomes more affordable to all and maybe even free. This would help the world come together and launch itself to a new era of development.

There are self-driving cars, super-fast transport options, advanced robotics, etc. that would be cramming for a space in the world too.