1st March 2022

8 New Social Networks for 2022

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The year 2020 altered nearly every aspect of our lives, including how we socialized. Distancing ourselves from others has become a common aspect of our life, leaving a hole for personalized interaction that we used to have in person.

Humans, however, are flexible, and various new social media platforms have sprung up in the year 2022 to replace the networks we had to put aside. There are platforms for building professional contacts, real-time texting, media sharing, and exploration.


Year of Launch: 2011

Twitch is a legitimate online streaming platform that enables users to communicate with their viewers. Video game fans are the site’s primary source of visitors.

While the public observes and interacts, players can document themselves gaming popular online games, including Fortnite and Minecraft. Many creators also provide limited media to subscribers who pay for a membership.

You may access movies and live streams on cuisine, entertainment, and about everything on this social media platform in complement to game material. Twitch also provides integrated live entertainment to its 30 million daily viewers, ranging from sports games to celebrations.


Year of Launch: 2020

The public and the presenters are connected via synchronous, audio-only communication in Clubhouse. It isn’t a podcast; it is a more intimate manner of sharing information with listeners that can interact with you in perfect sync.

Subjects such as how to run a business from top venture capital firms, celebrity-sponsored relationship conversations, and even comedy shows presented by up-and-coming comedians all make their way in front of spectators.

The fact that it contradicts almost every social media accessible today contributed to the sudden controversy regarding this new social networking site.


Year of Launch: Founded in 2016 and unveiled in 2018

Caffeine, a platform created by former Apple engineers, enables users to live-stream to their friends and fans. The feeds appear in a stream, on which you can reply with an emoji or leave a comment.

You can also Livestream your laptop or Television screens while playing games, in addition to live video streams. Caffeine could be a competitor to Twitch, a bit older game-streaming site. Caffeine has created a revenue-sharing model that encourages entertaining viewers, comparable to Twitch, which pays you for high views or subscribers.

Twitter Spaces!

Year Launched: 2020

The app’s latest audio aspect, Twitter Spaces, is now in beta. Those with an iOS device can use this audio chatting counterpart to Twitter. Regular 280-character tweets, but only a restricted set of users approved by Twitter can make their own place to initiate a discussion.

While the application is comparable to Clubhouse in terms of functionality, Twitter is foraying into this new audio-only sector to identify potential risks in this group.

Instagram Reels!

Year of Launch: 2020

In 2019, Facebook answered the TikTok boom with Lasso. However, the endeavor was cut short for creating a place for Instagram Reels.

Reels is now directly competing with TikTok, which offers a similar video-making feature. People

can make videos with visual effects, music, and transitions that are known for expressing audiences.

Reels may be an entertaining tool for marketers to build a foothold with the Gen Z population for everything from announcing product announcements to how-to tips.


Year of Launch: 2021

Poparazzi is a photo-sharing application that motivates users to photograph their friends and upload. Selfies aren’t possible because there’s no front-facing cam. Instead, individuals take pictures of their pals and tag them. As if they were paparazzi.

The photographs in a user’s profile are those which are taken by their friends. People can also control who can take pictures of them and which pictures appear on their page.


Year of Launch: 2019

CloutHub is a social media platform that describes itself as the “People’s Platform.” It also advertises itself as a non-partisan social media network. People can join and participate in significant civic, economic, and political issues, causes, and initiatives. You can engage in conversations on a variety of themes, create new relationships, attend diverse communities, share information, and socialize with other people once you’ve signed up for the program. In the United States, the application is extremely popular.


Year of Launch: 2021

Octi originated like an all-in-one media network aimed to target Gen-Z, combining nearly everything that is currently trendy on the internet. It contains AR-based effects similar to Snapchat, a vertical browse able video stream. Similar to TikTok, compatibility for NFTs and digital currency. The best aspect is that subscribers may collect more than “likes.”

People can make amusing films with AR effects and upload them. Once these contents have been posted, the makers will be able to earn digital currencies known as Octi coins for their work.

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