12th September 2022

Best automotive apps in 2022

Get ready to learn more about car sharing apps, car selling apps, price comparison apps and many more apps that make human life easier and completely revolutionise the industry. Cars are getting more sophisticated and connected, with so many apps to help you get the most out of your car. Car apps can help you find your next car, rent a car, find the cheapest fuel prices or the most efficient route, make it safer to use your phone in the car, and even find your car when you forget where you’re parked.

With these apps, you can find parking, buy a car, keep track of your expenses, and more. From finding the right car to negotiating the best price, these apps make the car buying process as easy as possible. You can never go wrong with these five apps:

Android Auto

Android Auto is a dedicated Google app that helps Android Auto-enabled owners easily use their smartphones while driving for a better infotainment experience.

Android Auto is easy to set up and use, but we recommend adding third-party apps that are compatible with Android Auto for the best experience.

It gives drivers instant access to Google maps, music apps, messaging apps and more.

Protect My Car

From helping you navigate unfamiliar roads to helping you find extended car warranty providers like Protect My Car, there’s always an app that can enhance your driving experience.

This app makes it safer to use your device in the car and find your car when you don’t remember where you parked.


Autolist gives you access to over 50 search filters to help you quickly find the used car you’re looking for.

The main functionality of the application is that the application allows you to search for new and used vehicles in dealerships in your area, including information and characteristics of individual vehicles.

With the app, you can compare up to 50 cars at the same time and save your search results to keep track of your favourite cars. You can also use your car’s display to navigate the app, where you can see music recommendations, recently listened content, or mixes made with songs and artists you’ve previously listened to. For example, some car apps let you control your car’s music system, while others offer traffic or route updates.


Automotive apps are usually especially suited more to one or the other, that being consumers or retailers/service providers. SnapCell bridges that apparent divide, since the car dealers’ cherished features translate into features their customers and consumers cherish just as much.

Imagine, for instance, being able to enjoy a 360-degree walk-around created by a dealer, as a prospective customer!


CarGurus is an app that helps car buyers find new and used cars for sale. You can also apply for a loan and sell your car directly on CarGurus.

The best apps available today will help you with all your car maintenance tasks that will extend the life of your car without you having to worry about a thing.

I hope you’ve found some useful apps to use in your car, whether you’re asking for traffic reports in Waze (not mentioned as part of our recommended five, but great as well) or if you’re looking for a more interactive communication and sales channel with SnapCell.

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