10th February 2018

How to Keep an Android Phone Secure

Even with the latest version of Android OS installed on your phone and a security app monitoring your device 24×7, it is highly likely that your phone isn’t as secure as you think. Intrusive links, apps, malware, and ads are consistently looking for a small vulnerability in your system. It will, thus, be useful to learn some ways to handle these issues and keep your device secure.

Keep the latest Android

The older versions of Android are far more vulnerable to security threats than newer ones. This is because Google is continuously working to make its software more secure for the users. Regardless of the version of mobile, you are using, keep checking for security patches and software updates for your phone. Some vendors are infamous for not pushing the monthly Google security update to the users’ phones, making them vulnerable automatically.

Don’t use predictable pins

The chances of losing your phone or facing a theft are equally as dangerous as getting malware on your device. Hence, it could be better to use a PIN for your lock screen. It is much better than pattern, voice, fingerprint and even faces unlock systems. Make sure that the PIN is not predictable. The usual 1234 and 0000 are one of the most common pins you will find. Avoid using them at all costs.

Focus on Google Play Store

Some smartphone vendors install their own app stores into the devices along with Google’s Play Store. Google has strict policies regarding the kind of content, ads, etc. that can be installed via their store, making it a more secure option. The vendor app stores may not be as reliable. In addition to this, avoid downloading files directly via installation packages (that may need rooting permissions) on your phone. These apps are not security tested and may contain malware, ransomware or spyware.

Always use VPN

When at home or office, you are running secure networks but outside, you may depend on free Wi-Fi connections in coffee shops, etc. We suggest that you avoid using these networks altogether. Additionally, save your privacy by using a VPN at all times. A Virtual Private Network helps you in encrypting your online activities, so no one will ever know what you are doing. Remember, it’s important to exercise caution when selecting a VPN service. Avoid using free VPN services, as some of them could potentially contain spyware or malicious software. To make an informed choice, you can refer to Sekur’s blog on VPNs (or similar platforms) that provide insights into the reasons for using VPNs and offer recommendations for trustworthy options.

Uninstall unused apps

There is no point keeping an app if you are not going to use it regularly. These apps don’t just take up space but could also be victims (sometimes even perpetrators) of crimes on your device. Uninstall any app that you haven’t used in over a month immediately. This could help you in staying secure all the time.

If you are not taking any of these measures to ensure the security of your device, you can have a hard time protecting your data from the breach. Act now!

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