3rd April 2019

How Web Developers are Making Money in 2019

As far back as 10 years ago the web design and development field was perhaps already becoming saturated, with those that don’t identify as purist web developers boasting the ability to deploy Content Management Systems (CMSs) like WordPress to create websites clients are happy to pay handsomely for. Fast-forward to 2019 and naturally the web development industry would have only become more saturated than ever before, but there definitely some web developers who are making a good living with their craft, in spite of the apparent saturation.

The question is, how are these web developers making money in 2019?

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting has been around for nearly as long as web hosting itself has existed and basically it just allows anyone who is willing to pay a monthly reseller hosting fee to become a web hosting service provider. Many web developers who run web design agencies are web hosting service providers as well, operating as resellers of web hosting services offered and backed by some of the biggest players in the industry, like HostGator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc.

This way the web developer can earn passive income after they’ve long since finished with the design and development of the site hosted. Very little technical knowledge is required as reseller web hosting management platforms are simple and backed by the hosting SP’s technical support.

White Label Web Designing

White label web designs are becoming an increasingly popular way for developers to monetize their work. This involves creating web designs that are then re-branded and sold as per the need and requirements of a specific company.

Some global leaders in white label web development even tend to design websites within a matter of days. This is to benefit the companies that need a website quickly and without dealing with the hassle of designing it from scratch.

Digital Influencer

Newbie web developers, seeking to get started in this very competitive market, might be put off by how much free content is available on the subject. For example, you can view an entire web development course on YouTube, from start to finish, and come away with all the basic knowledge you’d need to start building websites. This is probably why YouTube channels like or other experienced web developers who make beginner-friendly content are gaining popularity online.

Keep in mind that what this means of course is that millions of other budding web developers from all around the world can do the same. This makes the field of web development even more competitive. Therein lies one of the ways through which web developers make money in 2019 – they share their knowledge for free on platforms such as YouTube. And, monetize these videos to earn some ad revenue from ads shown in their videos.


Good web developers who have established careers seldom do any actual coding work associated with web development these days. Instead, they earn a good chunk of their money using apps such as Callmart. This is an app to make connections online and monetize those interactions by earning revenue from your caller being billed during the communication.

There are so many tools people can use to create their own professional websites in 2019, but the typical user still needs to consult with an expert on some key issues they’d face.

Online Business Development

Another big trend amongst web developers in 2019 is making money through the actual web applications they develop for themselves, which operate as automated online businesses. There are a lot of website owners who would similarly love to monetize their portals. However, there’s a lot more to making an online business tick– Web design, User Experience, and SEO being some of them. With the help of in-house or hired website development professionals, firms should be able to meet their web-design goals. This way, they could put in place, a properly sustained, functioning online business as well.

Every successful web developer in 2019 would have something like their own Shopify store, for instance, and in some instances they flip these businesses by selling them on platforms such as flippa. Therefore, the scope for web development as a full-fledged business model could be looked at as a rising trend.

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