22nd September 2020

Insider Tips on the Best 13 Sites to Watch Movies Online

Has a friend told you about a new movie to watch, but you don’t feel like renting it? Or have you yourself discovered what movies to watch by visiting the likes of, but you can’t find it on Netflix? Or is it that you do not have Netflix and aren’t about to get it just to watch one movie?

This is where streaming online comes in. You have to open your search engine and go through millions of sites to find one with the best quality and little ads. Well, not anymore, we have you covered!

Here is our countdown of the 13 best sites to watch movies online.

13. Tubi

Tubi is a great option to watch movies online for free but it does have some movies that are only for rent. Unlike some streaming services, Tubi has great quality, and even some really popular movies for free. They have a lot of different genres, one even being “not on Netflix.”

A negative of Tubi is that it plays ads throughout the movie, so you will have some commercial breaks you didn’t want.

12. Youtube

Like Tubi, Youtube offers many movies to stream for free, as well as some options for renting or even purchasing. 

You just have to go to their movies and shows channel to see all their content – there is even a filter to see just the free movies offered. These movies aren’t the most popular, some you probably haven’t even heard of, but there are a few good comedies in there. 

If you choose to watch movies free on Youtube, expect to be interrupted by at least 5 ads throughout – however, if you want to rent or buy the movies, you won’t have to worry about the ads anymore.

11. Vudu

Vudu provides both free and for rent content – calling their free content “Movies on Us.” Like all other free movies, you will have to endure ads throughout the film. A plus side is that although you do need an account, you do not have to sign up for a monthly subscription – so you won’t be giving any payment details.

As well, it is available to download on multiple devices, so you can have it on the go.

10. AZMovies

Starting our top ten (all of which are free streaming services) is AZMovies. 

AZMovies is free, and as their slogan entails – it always will be. This site has an amazing collection of movies, including new movies you wouldn’t find for free elsewhere.

The downside: popup ads. So many popup ads. Anything you click will open an ad, which can be extremely frustrating – but once you have your movie set (and the quality is great, we should add), no ads will bother you while watching.

9. Solar Movie

Solar Movie is relatively new, however it already has great movies up to watch, with great quality as well. You’re able to create an account if you like but can also go on without one. They’ve done a great job at categorizing movies and making it easy to choose which you’d like to watch.

But again – beware of the number of popup ads. There aren’t as many on this site, but they are still there, and still annoying.

8. 123Movies

This website is the most simple in design – the home screen simply only having a search bar and a categories button. However, the movies are of high quality, and there are little popup ads to bother you. Sometimes you have to click the start button a couple of times, but the movie never fails to start.

7. GoStream

This site has tons of free content, with almost no ads – it’s a miracle. All you have to do is select the movie and it will play automatically from there, no need to be brought to another page to click the link again.

6. Moviestars

This site is fairly new however it boasts a great library of free movies. While navigating the site, there are way fewer ads that come up making you want to stay on the site to find the movie you’d like to watch.

5. Moviesjoy

Again, the homepage of Moviesjoy is simple with a search bar and the trending movies of the time. Their movies are of great quality and load incredibly fast. But, the ad annoyance meter goes up on this site. You will have many ads to click out of before you’re able to watch the movie.

Once you play the movie though, you’re in the clear as no other ads will pop up during the movie.

4. Vidcloud

Like Moviestars, Vidcloud has virtually no ads that popup which makes the experience of the site much more enjoyable. The links on the site send you to movies that are high definition, and you only have to click once to get to the movie.

3. Spacemov

Spacemov is great because upon choosing your movie, you are given multiple links to the movie in case one doesn’t work. As well, it has an easy homepage to navigate, and every movie comes with a description of the movie, as well as an option to view the trailer before watching.

2. Flixtor

Flixtor has a huge amount of movies to choose from, with a low amount of ads. They have an easy search function to use, as well as the ability to look for movies through genres, and what’s new.

1. Putlocker

Coming in at number one on our list is Putlocker. When you want to watch new movies online for free, putlocker movies is your best option by far. The homepage is simple, and this site has probably the most amount of movies than any other site, just from the fact that it has been around so long.

Yes, you will have ads popup, and they can get annoying as any ads do, however you are guaranteed great quality and quick load times.

Watch Movies Online

After reading this list, hopefully, you can find the perfect site for you to watch movies online. We highly suggest using Putlocker as it has been around the longest, and is the most reliable for streaming purposes.

If this post has caught your eye, we’re sure other articles of ours will so don’t be shy to visit the rest of our blog!

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