11th August 2020

Must-have characteristics of an online teaching system

Whilst you’ve been weighing up the costs of private vs state school, have you stopped for a moment to consider that maybe online schools are the future? Online teaching has seen a steady rise in the past few years, replacing the traditional methods of learning. Driven the demand for online teaching due to school closures during the COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of remote learning in the education industry is rapidly increasing.

According to the forecasts, the global online education market is projected to reach $319.167 billion in 2025 witnessing a CAGR OF 9.23%. Online learning is not just helpful in special scenarios like school closures, but also helpful for educators who want to reach out to their learners or learners who want to pursue online education due to restrictions like distance or the high cost of university courses.

The increase in adoption of online teaching can be associated with different advanced features of online teaching systems that have to offer with some of them being: Simplicity and flexibility to both educators and learners alike.

The best teaching system must facilitate a flexible learning system within a well-structured, private, yet open environment.

The good news is that you can harness the richness of modern technology to build highly effective online teaching systems.

Establishing the best teaching system is no more difficult due to the advanced technology available with simple and cost-effective frameworks. Now let’s look into some of the top characters of an online teaching system.

Essential characteristics of an online teaching system

Every online teaching system has versatile features and functionalities each of them boasts that is perfect for both teachers and students. However, choosing the best virtual teaching systems remains a challenging task as most systems are equipped with useful features.

To make it easy for you to choose the right teaching system, here are some of the must-have features of an online teaching system before you decide on adding new technology to your existing online learning methods.

Simple interface

The bestsystem must feature an easy to use and efficient interface to serve users. When choosing an online system, look for a simple teaching system that allows you to store online learning resources teaching documents, presentations, files, spreadsheets, multimedia files, etc. to keep your learners engaged.

Integrate a simple framework that allows learners to embed their content into your online teaching system will help them create their own learning experience in a collaborative online learning space.

User friendly

An easy-to-use online learning system makes teaching more manageable, effective, and less difficult to both teachers and students. Never promise your user base of an advanced and efficient teaching, if you won’t be able to keep up your promises.

Your users will find it challenging to navigate through your learning system if it is filled with technical glitches and bugs. Therefore, it is critical to make your learning management system not just appealing in looks, but also great in navigation and usability.


The versatility of the online teaching system is another significant factor as it determines the type of teaching activities you can perform.

When designing or choosing an online teaching system, you must consider the type of interaction you will have with your students so that you can select the software that suits your exact needs. For example, you might be generally including interactive aspects in your online classes like polls or quizzes to engage your students.

Or you might need the feature of live audio or video chatting with students. Therefore, the online teaching system you adopt must be flexible enough to offer you access to such useful features in the most efficient manner.

Make sure your online teaching system supports online courses in all commonly used content formats like Microsoft Word, PDF, audios, videos, presentations, etc.

Mobile learning

Digital devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets are trending how learners access the content and stay connected. Learners of today have instant access to information and the right expertise.

Users consume education on mobile devices and mobile learning is becoming a norm in today’s digital environment. With the online education landscape changing rapidly, both educators and learners are adapting to new technologies and mobile learning remains a critical factor in the success of any online teaching system.

Security of the content

Teachers work hard to create instructional educational resources and they would be naturally worried about the security of their content. As information uploaded online can be viewed and used by all, the security of the content is one of the major concerns of educators who teach online.

One of the primary ways to ensure content security is to control the access of content so that it is accessible only by your target audience. An effective online teaching system must-have features like server security, encryption strategies, and other technologies to keep data safe on the platforms.

Implement flexibility

To make your online teaching platform efficient, you must be able to accommodate students from different time zones. Manipulating communication dynamics is important as well. Your online learning platform becomes a space for engaging, sharing, and facilitating online learning.

This flexibility makes your online classes appealing to your audience convenient for them to plan the asynchronous challenges that come across their way.

Time zone friendly

If your online education website accommodates learners from different parts of the globe, it is important to make your platform time friendly. To implement this, organize time zones to work smoothly with your local and international students.

Also, make sure your online teaching platform converts directly to the time zone of each learner automatically to their profile page. They must be able to go through their customized profiles, select their own time zones so that there is no more confusion regarding different time zones.

Make your teaching system socially driven

The most important factor that makes an online teaching system popular is that it is socially driven. An online platform must facilitate the engagement of educators and learners. What that is lacking in a face-face communication must be compensated with online education technology. A socially-driven education platform must smoothly integrate social platforms into online classes and your online learning platform.

Engaging and collaborative system

One of the most unique features that distinguish an online teaching system from the traditional classroom is not just the simplicity of delivering classes, but also the engaging nature of the system. Efficient online learning websites help users to interact through group projects like forum discussions, participating in tests, and competing for best scores on the leader board.

Online education websites also offer learners a great freedom to interact with online classes. Game integrated lessons, animated online courses, flipped classrooms, etc. are effective examples of the popularity of online classes and how it has become more engaging and collaborative in recent times.

Considering the fame of these existing techniques, there would be more technologies rolling out in the future that focuses on aspects of engagement. If you are adopting a collaborative element in your online teaching system, you are performing real classroom simulation that allows your students to have the capability to gain the knowledge themselves with the need of a peer or mentor to guide you.

Utilize the power of personalization

Another important factor to look for in online teaching systems is the power of customization. In your online learning platform, provide customization features like personalizing profile pages, payment methods, or customizing email choices. You must also be able to synchronize your calendar with the deadlines of your courses and student’s data reports.

In addition, allow your students to set their own languages, facilitate the feature of tracking notes, integrate social media accounts, etc. Another important aspect of customization is supporting multiple languages to your users.

Consider providing the same course in multiple languages to make it easy for your international student base. Also, demonstrate a customized strategy to your learners by integrating analytics into their dashboards.

Add analytics to the dashboard of your students to demonstrate a personal approach to each learner. With this, they will be able to track their progress and receive updates on assignments and submitted tasks.


Innovation is the core of any effective online teaching system not just for educators, but for learners as well. Online education opens up brand new ways for educators to deliver learning content effectively to their learner base. Likewise, learners can interact with online classes in different ways according to what works for them.

Online classrooms are already witnessing more innovation in terms of emerging technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). Each new modern technology allows educators to improve their online classes, but not every innovation is expected to reap success.

Choose the technology that supports and enhances your style of teaching instead of trying every new technology that emerges. Experiment with different tools to see what works for your online teaching platform and what doesn’t work.


With the increasing trend of the online teaching system, most educators and institutions are moving online as it enhances education delivery and management. For your online teaching to be successful, develop an online training system that is unique and engaging.

Ensure you develop an exceptional teaching platform that delivers the best learning experiences to students. The online platform of yours must be able to deliver the essence of what is like to be in a physical classroom in an online space.

Implementing an online learning platform with all essential features you require needs a live tutoring software and the assistance of the top service providers like Pinlearn. The software is blended with the right technology that allows you to establish an efficient online teaching system and run your online education business smoothly with your own branding.

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