11th October 2021

The 5 Most Striking Construction Technology Innovations of 2021

Construction technology is evolving at an incredible pace. Construction companies need to stay on top of the latest innovations to compete and grow their business.

This article will discuss the five most striking construction technology innovations of 2021, including robotics, 3D printing, and more!


Construction robots are increasingly replacing construction workers. Many construction companies are using robots to complete tasks that human workers would typically do.

These machines can work around the clock, operate in hazardous conditions, and not require pay or health insurance. They increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

Construction robots can be used for various tasks, including laying bricks or pouring concrete on buildings under construction although, for the time being, humans are still needed to do more advanced jobs, such as concrete mudjacking, in order to ensure that the job is done to the highest standard.

They are also being utilized to complete high-rise window washing, pumping cement into walls during building renovations, and even cleaning up hazardous waste!

Augmented Reality

Soon, construction workers will utilize augmented reality glasses while completing tasks on a building site. These AR goggles can show blueprints for new buildings in real-time and allow them to mark up areas that need improvement or repair.

The technology also helps owners monitor progress more quickly from their office computers.

Builders are already using an older version of this technology called Virtual Reality (VR). VR is similar but requires users to completely block out any distractions by wearing special headsets instead of simple eyeglasses.

This allows companies to create a virtual environment where they can test designs before creating costly prototypes!

Digital Twins

Another exciting construction technology trend involves digital twins representing physical objects with accurate computer-generated models, allowing architects and engineers to design buildings more efficiently.

These digital models are typically created using computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), and mobile automation software to enable real-time location data for building sites.

This technology can also be used in the commercial construction industry, helping companies complete large-scale projects!

Construction site management platforms that automatically update blueprints based on changes occurring at a job site have already been developed by many startups.

They use drones with cameras attached to them to collect videos of entire build sites, then analyze them by robust AI systems.

The results help project managers determine how best to allocate resources or workers during different phases of construction.

Holographic projections

Another exciting technology that is becoming more popular in construction involves holographic projections. Holographic projections often feature AR capabilities allowing project managers to visualize blueprints for new buildings or home renovations while standing inside of them.

Construction companies and contractors will be able to create holographic projections to better communicate with their customers.

These projected images can show clients exactly what a new office building or apartment complex would look like before it is even built! They also allow engineers to make modifications on the fly without wasting time and resources by creating expensive scale models or replicas.

3D printing

Finally, construction companies are beginning to utilize additive manufacturing technology, which allows them to print out scale models of new buildings and other structures. This can come in especially well once 3-D printing is used with traditional devices like a traffic cone to make the product talk with other vehicles in the area.

These objects can be created in various sizes and typically require very little time or effort from builders. This technology can create models of entire city districts and is often utilized by urban planners.

It is expected that this method will completely replace current building practices soon, leading to an increased demand for skilled technicians trained in how to operate 3D printers.


Construction technology has come a long way over the past few years, with many experts predicting tremendous advances during 2021 alone! Robotics, augmented reality, digital twins, holographic projections, and much more are already being used on job sites worldwide.

These technologies allow builders everywhere to complete tasks more efficiently and allow project managers to keep better tabs on the entire construction process.

They also make construction sites much safer for workers and help decrease the time it takes to build new structures.

The future of construction looks bright. If you are in the construction industry and still stuck with the old ways, such as only relying on construction cones for safety reasons, it may be time to start looking into some of these new technologies.

This way, you can stay ahead of the curve and better compete with your competitors. Don’t be left behind – make your construction business digital today.

Infographic created by National Land Realty – land for sale in Alabama

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