16th August 2022

The Role of Social Media Influencers in Tech Culture

Social media influencers aren’t just famous faces who post pics of themselves and their meals online; some earn their living by posting useful content and products on social media. As social media plays a larger role in our everyday lives, including the way we consume new technology, how tech companies use influencers may reflect our evolving relationship with social media.

In the world of technology, social media influencers have become celebrities in their own right. Tech companies often build marketing campaigns around popular YouTubers, Instagrammers, and celebrities, who are paid to use their fame to promote a product or service. Notable celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber have made cash by partnering with brands on social media.

These influencers, often revered for their expertise or charisma, wield significant sway over their followers, impacting decisions related to tech products, innovations, and even cultural phenomena within the tech community. Their influence can be understood through the lenses of both Normative and Informative Social Influence. Such dynamics weave together to create a digital culture where the endorsements and insights of tech influencers significantly impact the choices and perceptions of the broader tech-savvy audience. That said…

Here Are the Roles of Social Media Influencers in Tech Culture:

  • Connection

Social media influencers are individuals who use their social media power to influence consumer behavior by reaching masses of followers, generated through various means, including word-of-mouth marketing and even by purchasing followers from companies like Twicsy. Not only do they market every new product, but influencers are also creating and redefining word-of-mouth marketing. The relationship between tech companies and influencers has been evolving rapidly, and there’s no doubt the interrelationship between tech culture and social media influencers is here to stay.

  • Advertisement

Technology firms are constantly competing with each other to gain your trust, time, and effort. Influencers in advertising is a tried-and-tested method that these companies use to bypass the barriers we have built up in our heads towards seeking certain products and services. In the tech sector, influencers are also known as “tech tastemakers.” They bridge audiences between established companies and tech consumers and influence what is popular.

  • Influence Others Decision

Influencers are at the heart of modern social media culture. So much so, they have the power to influence the decisions millions of us make every day. While social media influencers have only been around for the past decade, their role is as old as marketing itself. They’ve been a driving force behind influencing buyers for centuries. Although the exact definition of an influencer varies, in general, influencers are people with large followings who use their e-platforms to influence others. Influencer marketing is a strategy many online businesses have used in past years, and even more are now using it.

  • Share Information

People are often quick to criticize the younger generations for becoming disengaged from the world around them, but social media offers a powerful platform for connecting people together in a new way. Social media helped cement the role of influencers in modern technological culture. Social media influencers come in all shapes and sizes, from celebrities and movie stars to musicians and bloggers, to everyday people with a large number of followers. Their aim is to share information to their followers, either because they are being sponsored to market the products, or because they are giving an honest review on a product. The latter tends to be in the early stages of their influencer journey, as if they gain popularity, they often get brands and products thrown at them for free (or as a paid advert) to advertise.

  • Lifestyle Update

The user’s interactions with other people are at the core of social media. Social media platforms have always allowed users to share their daily life and experiences with their followers. Still, the options of YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram has brought a new and unique way for users to connect with one another and social media influencers. Lifestyle influencers are popular figures who make a name for themselves online through posting photos and videos of themselves using a particular product, sharing recipes, travel tips, grooming advice, or fashion moves. For an influencer, posting photos and videos of themselves using your product is an easy way to establish brand credibility and ensure their followers know the influencer is using the promoted product.

  • Product Review

As mentioned, product reviews are a large part of helping businesses sell their products. Influencers may appear in an online video that shares their opinion about something. Often, they conduct their own research on a product and review it. Social media influencers are often seen promoting products on their social accounts, though they’re usually compensated for doing so, and in most cases, it’s disclosed. Influencer marketing, which involves influencers promoting brands, products, and services on social media, has become a growing part of the digital world.

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As social media has evolved, influencers have become more prominent in highlighting the best products and services various companies have to offer and help generate excitement around them. Today, social influencers are integral to brand identity and advertising for tech brands, so more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

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