14th January 2020

Why do people buy a new version of game consoles and games?

Over the years, many game consoles, as well as the games that can be played on them, have been produced. We have also seen different versions of those games, with the PlayStation having PS 1 to PS 5 (soon to be launched) and the Sony Series X (soon to be launched). You might be wondering why these new versions continue to make sales. This article will discuss some of the reasons why people buy new versions of game consoles and games.

New features and specifications
This reason mostly applies to those who already had previous versions. You would be surprised that a person would sell their PS 4 they bought for about 400 USD for 100 USD, only to go and buy the PS 5 for 500 USD. It is because they have been following up and are expecting the new features and specifications in it. The only thing cooler than having a particular gadget is having the latest version of the gadget. However, this does not apply strictly to only those that have the previous version as those who are buying their first game could have the option of getting the PS 4 from someone else selling for 100 USD, but they would rather buy the latest version for 500 USD. An example of new features that thrill a lot of gamers is the haptic feedback that the controller for the Xbox Series X console is going to have.

Already tired of playing the old games
Some people are always looking for new challenges. Thus, after owning the PS 4 since its release and they have played all the games that interested them on the console, they are out for a new challenge. They want to see what challenge the PS 5 is going to pose and conquer it as well. Thus, they will quickly ditch their PS 4 the instant the PS 5 is out or ditch their previous Xbox the instant a new version of Xbox is out.

Some new games will be released after the release of the next version of the console that will not be compatible with previous consoles. Thus, to enjoy every new game that will be released to the very last, it would be best to play them on the latest console. In some cases, the whole game might not be compatible, while in some cases, some features might be disabled in older consoles.

Old one already spoilt
People whose former game console got spoilt would prefer to buy the newer version if it is available and they can afford it. There will be no need to buy the older version anymore since they have been there and seen it.

Purchasing their first game
People who are purchasing their first game too would also want to buy the latest consoles available once they can afford it. They don’t have to limit themselves with starting with an older version when they can get the very latest version.

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