14th July 2019

7 Most Relaxing PS4 Games in the Market (2019)

There’s a lot of talk out there that playing video games, especially violent ones, leads to poor behavior, psychological harm, and even stress. But the truth is, research has shown that both men and women who play video games long-term are able to fine tune their mental skills to handle stress, lessen depression, and even reduce hostility during a stressful task.

Plus, after a long, hard day isn’t gaming just a relaxing way to unwind? We tend to think so.

Because of this, we’ve rounded up the most relaxing PlayStation 4 games in the market to date to help you find some zen in your life.

So, let’s get started.

1. Shape of the World

This first-person PS4 game exists in a surreal and organic world that reacts to your presence, meaning you have complete control over your surroundings as you travel at your own pace. Take an adventure and explore beautiful waterfalls, dream-like forests, stunning mountaintops, and watch the flora grow and fade as you pass through new areas.

2. Hohokum

If you’re looking for a whimsical universe full of strange characters and lots of personal discovery, Hohokum is the PS4 game for you. You’ll take on the role of a flying kite-like being and strive to meet goals, perform activities, and uncover secrets to new worlds.

3. Storm Boy

Based on the children’s book by Colin Thiele, Storm Boy is about a boy that rescues a pelican and later adopts him as a pet and faithful companion. In this game, the story goes beyond a boy and his pet as you join them in making the beaches of South Australia your own. Enjoy seaside activities such as sand drawing, sailing, playing fetch, surfing, and so much more as you give your brain a break.

4. Oure

Become a graceful dragon and partake in an adventure that includes a small child trying to make big changes in the world. There are 8 challenging titans to chase after and 100+ intricate puzzles you must solve. But don’t worry, the emotional side of this game will keep you from getting frazzled as you conquer the world in your very own way.

5. Mahjong Deluxe 3

Enjoy this take on the popular mahjong game with friends and family as you take the weekend off work and school to relax and socialize. It’s easy to use, provides family-friendly entertainment, and comes in both 2D and 3D for amazing visual appeal. Adding to that, there are exciting sound effects and relaxing music that is suitable for all ages and skill levels. 

Want to invite friends from afar to join you in a fun game of mahjong? Invest in one of the best PS4 headsets and set up regular games as a stress reliever for all.

6. AER Memories of Old

Transform from a magical shape-shifting girl into a bird and fly through the skies experiencing the beauty the world has in store for you. Travel across the floating islands in the sky, take on challenges given to you as you make it one step closer to the Land of Gods, and try to save the world by uncovering all the secrets.

7. Eastshade **Coming Soon**

Though the console game has yet to be released, mentioning Eastshade is a must since its serene nature is perfect for those looking to game in a relaxing and wonderful way. Channel your inner Bob Ross and take ahold of the paint brush yourself in this calming PS4 game that lets you travel the world, learn about inhabitants, and literally paint your way through the game.

And there you have it! The most relaxing PS4 games in the market to date, and a special one that is sure to live up to its hype very soon.

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