22nd February 2019

Five hottest home tech products for 2019

We all know how important tech is to our lives now and how cool it can be. From catching up with friends on social media to ordering shopping via Alexa or using AI online to help us shop, tech is a big deal for everyone now. This is especially true at home, where technology allows us to perform essential tasks, stay entertained and stay safe.

When you look at how big an impact tech has had in just one area of our home lives, such as entertainment, it is clear what a difference it has made over recent times. Take the simple example of universal remotes; not only does it centralize the control of your home entertainment system to one remote, but it also reduces the need to keep track of all the remotes involved. Besides, they are rather easy to find; you can find different models to check out on, or other similar blogs.

There is also music streaming, which has totally changed the way that we listen to our favourite tracks or discover new artists. When you then think about everything else that we do at home and how technology has evolved there too, you can see exactly how our home lives have changed due to technology.

2019 hottest home tech trends

Of course, the beauty with technology is that it is always advancing and improving. This sees new products come out each year that we can enjoy in our homes. Here are some of the most exciting home technology products for 2019.

Tilt TV Digital HD antenna

The Tilt TV antenna is a real breakthrough in TV tech for 2019. This handy little box allows you to access free live TV from a range of around 30 miles away. Easy to set up, it also involves no monthly contracts – you just get it going and have instant, HD-quality access to free live TV in your region. Operating at a 1080p HD level, this is a multi-directional antenna that provides crystal-clear reception every time. As far as hot home tech for 2019 goes, this is a great choice.

Nest learning thermostat

When thinking about cool home tech gadgets for the coming year, smart products play a big role. This next-gen smart learning thermostat from Nest shows why. Although smart thermostats have been around for a while, this is a big leap forward for them. Working with a good range of boilers, and easy to integrate with other Nest smart products, it will learn over time which settings you use. This makes it simpler and more convenient to always have your home the temperature you desire, without having to actually do anything! Just make sure your AC is working as it should be by using a company providing AC repair in Nashua, NH or near you to ensure it doesn’t affect your thermostat. An AC on the blink can wreak havoc with a thermostat, causing hot and cold spots in your home, so it’s worth giving it a tune-up before having your smart thermostat installed.

Philips Hue color bulbs

Another great home tech innovation for 2019 is the Hue colored lightbulb from Philips. Coming in a wide range of bulb styles and colors, they offer a stylish and more convenient way to get the lighting you want in your home. The really neat thing about these bulbs is that they can be voice operated through Alexa for complete control. They are also fully able to integrate with other smart devices such as HomeKit, which is a nice touch. The newly revamped app for 2019 also offers much greater flexibility and ways of controlling your home lighting.

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-cup coffee maker

When it comes to home tech gadgets, everyone needs a good coffee maker. Not only do the best ones make superb coffee, but they also look stylish in your kitchen. In the world of coffee machines, Bonavita is a big name and is well-known for producing the best examples around. The BV1900TS is a great choice for 2019 with it 8-cup capacity and ease of use. It also looks amazing with its sleek lines and almost futuristic appeal.

Petsafe automatic pet feeder

As we have already noted, tech can be used in many ways within your home to make your life easier. One example of this is the Petsafe automatic pet feeder, which is a brilliant new product for 2019. It is a big step forward for this sector as it connects to Wi-Fi and makes it simple to keep your pet fed wherever you are, via your smartphone. With the ability to set various feeding schedules and features, such as notifying you when your pet has eaten, it will be the home tech gadget for pet lovers in the coming year.

2019 looks set to be a fine year for home tech

If you are looking into updating your home with some clever new technology in 2019, then it looks like a good year to be doing so. As the above shows, there are some innovative and cool products around to make your home better to live in. From handy HD antennas to automatic pet feeders, there is something out there for everyone to enjoy.

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