25th June 2019

Managing the High Volume of Emails Involved with Running a Business

Email is the most convenient communication tool for your business because of its simplicity and efficiency. It is less intrusive than phone calls, fast and can be used from anywhere you are. The use of emails makes communication with your clients easier because you can contact them while on the go or while in the office. Unfortunately, emails can hinder work productivity if they aren’t used effectively. Statistics show that more than one-quarter of a female employee’s day is spent answering and reading emails. If you are a female CEO or manager, you probably receive an overwhelming amount of email.

If you are not careful, you may spend all day replying and reading these emails instead of focusing on running an efficient business. Luckily, you can use the following strategies to manage the bulk emails you receive each day while still running your business:

1. Organize your Email

Ever feel like you can’t manage your inbox folder? Evernote for Gmail allows you to pick essential emails from your inbox and add them to a note. This organizer is convenient for identifying important and crucial mail that you need to access quickly. Evernote for Gmail also lets you share and sync across multiple devices and multiple users. This adds up to a tremendous improvement for small business email management.

2. Set aside time for checking emails

If you want to be more productive at work, avoid checking emails at any time and leaving your Gmail tab open. This is because alerts will keep popping up of incoming emails, and you will keep checking them throughout the day. Instead set aside specific times during the day for checking your email. During this time, avoid distractions and fully concentrate on reading and replying emails to increase your efficiency.

3. Never procrastinate

Emails can pile up very quickly if they are left unanswered. You may decide to answer your emails tomorrow only to find more emails in your Gmail inbox as compared to the previous day. This only makes your work harder and takes away time that you may have spent managing other aspects of the business. Try your best to respond to emails within twenty-four hours. Procrastinating can also affect the business if you leave important emails unanswered. If the email had to do with the finances of the business, it could result in adverse effects if it’s not addressed efficiently.

4. Clean out the clutter

Your Gmail may quickly become flooded with a lot of unnecessary emails from ads and promotions. Such emails can become overwhelming especially when they bury essential emails related to your business. To avoid such a high number of unnecessary emails, take time to unsubscribe from any promotional emails. You can also mark these emails as spam so that they do not clutter your inbox. This ensures you inbox stays more organized and only relevant emails are left.

These tips will help you manage any amount of emails you receive and run a successful business. Ensure that your Gmail is well organized to make it easier to use throughout the day.

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