22nd May 2019

The Best 3D Puzzle Games to Keep Your Brain Sharp & Active

In our opinion, there’s nothing better than a puzzle game that really challenges your brain to a game of wits. That’s why we went to all the trouble of tracking down the best three 3D puzzle games that you can play to sharpen your brain and stay at the tip-top of your mental capacity.

Unfortunately, this search was easier said than done. It was really hard to navigate through the Apple and Android app stores – especially when it came down to picking the best apps. We were having to compare everything by hand, which was taking way too long. That’s when he happened upon the website AppGrooves which actually lists the best 10 apps in hundreds of categories.

Best 10 3D Puzzle Games

Of course, we stuck to just the puzzle games (although we might go back to see what else they recommend!) and, of those apps, we tried them all in order to pick our absolute favorites, which we will list off for you below.

Find the Difference 200 levels – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 1M

Having gorgeous HD images is really nice, but it’s true that it will make your eyes tired trying to focus on all of the tiny details of a picture. That’s where Find the Difference really set itself apart in our opinion. There is a super intuitive zoom feature that you can use to instantly get a better view of every pixel on your screen. Suddenly, it’s so much easier to find the differences, and you will be able to search a lot with over 200 levels to choose from.

There are sometimes issues with the games that want you to spot 5 differences. We’re not sure what this glitch is, but it seems that only these games are “unsolvable.” Hopefully, that is something that will be fixed soon. In the meantime, any of the games with “spot the difference” amounts other than 5 still work.

Pros: More than 200 levels, intuitive zoom functionality

Cons: Games with 5 “spot the differences” are often unsolvable

Overall: As long as you don’t mind occasionally skipping a defunct puzzle, you’ll have tons of options to keep you entertained without straining your eyes

2048 – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 500K

Pretty much everyone is at least aware of the 2048 puzzle game, but this one is unique because it features (thank heavens) an undo button as well as detailed game statistics, so you know where you stand at absolutely all times. If you like speed, you can opt into time trial mode. Then, if you get bored, you can toggle to switch between normal and expert modes. The game is totally customizable, which is half the fun.

Okay, some users have remarked in their comments that it’s possible to accidentally press the “New Game” button while playing; thus, losing your progress. So far, this is not something we’ve experienced first-hand, but it may be something to keep in mind regardless.

Pros: Undo functionality, toggle between modes, time trial mode, game statistics

Cons: It’s possible to accidentally hit “New Game” while you’re playing
Overall: As long as you’re careful where you tap, you’ll love all these extra features that the original game doesn’t have

What’s the Difference? – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 1M

It’s easy to get annoyed when playing Spot the Difference puzzles, especially when you stumble upon the same image you just solved minutes ago. What’s the Difference? is great because it allows you to easily avoid that problem. There are tons of new challenges every time you play with hundreds of free levels so you’ll never find yourself bored.

There is a timer, so if you’re not fast enough, you will have to redo the level. This can definitely be annoying if you’re not someone who thrives on speed challenges. In fact, if you hate being timed when you play a puzzle game, then you’ll probably prefer one of our other two picks.

Pros: Hundreds of puzzles to keep you busy however much you want to play

Cons: Rounds are timed
Overall: As long as you don’t mind timed rounds, you’ll have hundreds of puzzles to keep you busy throughout the day


We’ve been having a non-stop good time with these apps. It’s always fun to challenge your intelligence and to feel smarter because of it. If you want a good way to keep your brain sharp and alert (and if you like playing games) then we cannot recommend these apps more. They’re seriously good fun as well as being seriously good for you.

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