31st May 2019

The different types of outsourced IT support

IT stands for Information Technology and IT support is typically understood as solving the problems an individual or company may be having online. IT support can cover a range of issues from WiFi solutions to ensuring you have the right software on your systems.

Businesses can either employ an in-house team to manage their IT or alternatively they will outsource this.

There are a whole range of IT support companies who offer a variety of services for those wanting to outsource their IT support and some businesses benefit from this as it gives them access to experienced and qualified IT technicians, whilst having a minimal impact on their internal resources.

What are the types of IT support?

When outsourcing IT support, there are some different ways that this support can be given. Each of these different solutions will offer their own benefits depending on the size of your company, your support needs, and the amount you are looking to spend on IT support.

  1. Time & Materials Support:This is perhaps the most common form of support where customers pay for the time and materials used to fix an issue that has been reported. It’s a more ad-hoc level of support and is ideal for businesses who don’t need a more comprehensive approach.
  1. Block Hours Support:With block hours, a business will pay for a certain number of hours and these can be banked and then used when an issue next arises. If an issue doesn’t use all those hours, then they just remain on the account until they are used.  This can be a cost-effective model for those who would rather pay one initial sum and know that they can get support when it is needed, without lots of sudden costs.
  1. Managed Services:Managed Services is a comprehensive level of support, where a business will pay a set fee and within that the contract will include a set list of services that are available within this.  This type of support is great for large businesses who rely heavily on their IT and want everything to be monitored and looked after. Managed Services will usually include 24/7 support and a technician who will dedicate their time to managing your IT and helping with any issues.

Technical support is vital for businesses who are looking to expand and modernise as everyone becomes more reliant on the internet and whilst these are the common forms of support offered, an IT support company will usually work with you to find a solution that works for your budget and your business.

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