1st March 2019

The State of Play: What is the Current State and Future of HTML5?


Browser games are ubiqutous and have been almost since the advent of the internet itself. But like the rest of the gaming industry, while the games themselves may have been around for many years, their complexity is evolving in line with technological advancements. 

The majority of browser games over the past several years have been built using Flash, but now we are seeing more and more HTML5 games making an appearance. But what are they exactly, and what can we expect from them both now and in the future?

Let’s dive in and discuss everything HTML5 and why you should care about it.

What is HTML5?

First, let’s start by explaining what exactly HTML5 is. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and put simply, it’s code that describes web pages. HTML5 is designed to do everything you need on the internet without needing extras such as plugin or other pieces of software.

From applications to animations, movies to music, it plays a part in a lot of online content. HTML5 is used by developers to create their own games and apps, since it’s free to use. It works across a huge range of platforms, so from smartphone to smart TV, HTML5 content runs everywhere.

HTML5 games are more appealing as users don’t need to install anything on top of their existing web browser; they can just start playing right away. They are low maintenance and instantly available on pretty much every device, so long as you have an internet connection.

What is the Current State of HTML5?

Different iterations of HTML games have been around since 1993, and they’re still very much in use today. With more devices being made available and the improvement of the internet, HTML5 is still very appealing.

The potential of HTML5 is very exciting. There are a lot of gaming giants that have released very successful games built with HTML5. Game developer Epic Games have been working hard to migrate over to HTML5, with the Unreal Engine 4 offering full support for it. The popular game engine Unity also offers full support for HTML5, and there are a huge range of professional video games created using Unity.

It’s not just video gaming that is seeing the benefits of HTML5. There are many online casino games such as the Starburst online game that are now using HTML5. This is the start of HTML5 being used in other areas of the industry and finding a whole new market of players.


What’s the Future of HTML5?

It’s clear that HTML5 is hugely popular among both game developers and players online. They’re easy to access and the possibilities for them are truly endless. As casual games go, they are miles ahead of Flash games. Since it’s a free platform to use, it’s easy for game developers all around the world to access, which means the sky is the limit for what they can achieve with HTML5. With more big-name game developers such as Unity and Epic Games jumping on board, we are likely to see HTML 5 games become more advanced and taken more seriously by hardcore players.

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