2nd February 2022

Why Apps Are the Future of Gaming

Mobile has quickly cemented itself as the most popular platform in the world for gaming, boasting over two billion users globally – whether this be through popular gaming apps or directly through online choices as gaming options at are amongst the most popular. Mobile isn’t the only platform that has started to lean into the world of apps for gaming, however, as the newer versions of Windows have leant into the app approach and away from that of just programs – but why is it that apps are emerging as the future for gaming?

One of the primary reasons for the change away from just programs is the cross-platform aspects that come with dedicated apps, whilst the terms can be used interchangeably there is typically a difference in how the platforms are built with different programming languages and different approaches to building the platforms as a whole – in gaming, most PC options are still very much on the “program” side of things as they tend to be more powerful, but a more app oriented approach has started to come to bring different options more in line with one another.

For mobile, the app approach has emerged simply for accessibility – having an app on one of the popular marketplaces all but ensures exposure over time as they’re rated for safety and can quickly grow with this exposure. A mobile app particularly for gaming also enables the easy use with simply tapping open or tapping closed whenever the opportunity to play arises and has been a suggestion of why some dedicated programs have also changed to the app approach in the same way with launchers and the like becoming all the more common to see.

There is an expense to developing apps, however, and for certain categories this can be quite an expensive venture and something that’s still not accessible to all, but costs are coming down and the complexity of these apps are increasing too meaning what can be put into them is improving over time too – it may not be long before more complex titles emerge in app format particularly for mobile as hardware on these devices improves over time too.

For the most part, apps are just an evolution of typical programs and would inevitably become the future of gaming and most other programs over time, but as different platforms increase this focus the change is coming at a much-increased pace, and with increased capacity too.

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