27th October 2022

Why is COM Express Surging in Popularity?

COM Express is defined as a highly integrated, compact computer system suitable for use as an integrated circuit component. The module was first introduced by the PCI Industrial Manufacturers Group back in 2005. The revised version of the model was introduced in 2017. COM Express has different modules, like COM Express Types 6, 7, and 10. But the COM-express type 6 is the most popular in the technology world. It is more advanced as compared to the other variants. It has opened a new path to higher-performance platforms in an integrated way. COM Express generally offers PCI Express Gen 4, USB 4, and MIPI-CSI. This computer-on-module structure connector is compatible with up to 75 watts. There are multiple other interesting features associated with this model. Anyone eager to know the benefits of using this integrated computer system should read the complete post. This unique module provides a standard for better performance in a compact chipset.

What are the advantages?

Saving on cost: The latest module of COM Express features low-end CPU modules. One can reuse them, which is a cost-effective solution for new buyers. The compute-intensive processors come with long-lasting performance that users enjoy. One should be careful enough to check the details of the processor.

Attractive features: Users often get confused about the specifications of this unique compact module. The COM-express type 6variety has industrial controls, proper communication, medical applications, and HIDs (Human Interface Devices). It can support up to 32 PCIe Express lanes with a power-packed interface of 10 GbE. Datacenter applications and video surveillance features can be beautiful in this system.

Available in different sizes: The technicians are striving to increase the variety of the device. Four basic modules are available on the market: the extended module, the compact module, the basic module, and the mini-module. A carrier board can easily connect with different module sizes since it features multiple mounting hole positions. Multiple companies are providing COM Express platforms through various modules and careers.

Choose a reliable company that has multiple positive reviews from users. It is all about operating smoothly and maintaining the safety of the user. This was, in brief, about the interesting features of COM Express and why professionals depend on it with every passing day.


The COM Express has different types of board sizes and factors, and COM-express type 6is one of them. It has a power range of 5 watts to 20 watts. People who are still using the older versions should update their systems with this computer-on-module. The latest module features both Intel Core and Atom SoCs. When choosing for the first time, it seems to be confusing which one to choose. One can rely on suggestions from an expert to understand all the specifications clearly. A technician with enough expertise in the COM Express module can provide the best ideas regarding the varieties of COM Express. For any further details, one can directly contact customer support.

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