8th October 2019

Are 3D Printed Ties the latest revolution in the way we manufacture ties?

With the rise in individualism in recent years, many are trying to find new and interesting ways to express themselves in what they wear. This is where 3D printing comes in. Many different accessories are now being 3D printed from hats to ties. Keep reading to find out how 3D printed ties are becoming increasingly popular in the market.

  • 3D printing offers complete customisation for printed ties

One of the issues that many businesses and individuals have when finding the right printed tie is finding one with the perfect design and colour scheme. 3D printing eliminates this issue. The exact hex codes can be put into the printer which then develops the printed tie using a layered approach. Many also report that 3D printed ties are more comfortable than traditional ones.

  • They are extremely scalable

In terms of scalability printed ties are often delayed with changes in the designs. Using a 3D printer allows manufacturers to develop and prototype the right tie for the client without then need for constant revisions.

  • 3D printing has a much lower ecological footprint

Manufacturing can sometimes be a process that is demanding both in terms of physical resources and time. 3D printing removes a lot of these issues. The wide variety of materials that can be used means companies are free to use sustainable materials.

 When manufacturing 3D printed ties the greater accuracy means fewer materials are wasted. This increases both profits for the manufacturer and reduces waste that would hurt the environment.

When 3D printing was first introduced in 2015 many did not fully understand the possible benefits and applications of the technology. 5 years on and now many innovative companies are pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible.

If you prefer more traditionally manufactured printed ties then there are still expert tie manufacturers who offer a variety of printing options and there tie design tool helps you to create the perfect tie for your needs.

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